The ad appeared in CADence Magazine, a publication for CAD users. The goal was to encourage these users to attend Autodesk University, Autodesk's annual user conference.

In the design world, the CAD professionals are heroes. I chose to speak directly to the user, and celebrate the self-image a sometimes nerdy profession. The result: a great response to the ad and improved registration numbers for Autodesk University.
CAD Daddies
Plotter Pimps
Raster Masters
3D Gurus

Your kind of heroes?
Ours too.

Autodesk University
What's out there is in here.

Autodesk University is where CAD professionals share experiences with peers, and learn from the pros. It's the place where everyone speaks your language. So join us December 2 to 5, and take your CAD skills to the next level.

To register or learn more, visit

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