Grey Global built a software tool called CreativeBuilder for the marketing department at Wells Fargo, and then asked me to create a reference guide for it. Though the CreativeBuilder gave Wells a simple way to make banners and other creative assets, it still required some instruction. The reference guide gave the Wells Fargo web marketing team a way to learn how to use the tool without any additional training, allowing then to create web assets in minutes instead of days.
CreativeBuilder Reference Guide

From the CreativeBuilder Homepage, you can construct creative units, access resources, or look at previously saved work. To build a banner, select one of the unit types listed under Banners. You can choose one of three kinds of 160 x 106 banners, each with different functionality:
  • Static banners do not change once loaded, and contain imagery and text.
  • Animated banners have three frames of imagery and text that display in sequence.
  • ECBS banners contain only copy and a color scheme or your choosing.

Download PowerPoint
Download PowerPoint
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