WOTC Concepts (cont)
Creatively, I needed to develop a theme that spoke honestly to the sales organization about the challenges they faced while inspiring them to surpass those challenges. The result: three very different approaches, all of which were enthusiastically received by Autodesk's executive staff.
You Are Here

This grounds the conference by saying both where we are right now and pointing to where we need to go. Generates a level-setting "here and now" atmosphere.

"You Are Here" helps us tell the channel where the company is strategically, and where it's going. The theme says that as a company, we've stopped, looked at the map, taken our bearings, and decided on the right direction.

The "You Are Here" logo is iconic and could have a life beyond the event in follow-up messaging. It lends itself to good graphical treatment on PPT slides and other presentation media.

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