WOTC Messaging Framework
In addition to developing the theme for the 2004 Worldwide One Team Conference, I was responsible for creating a messaging framework for the event. This framework described how the theme would change over the course of the event, and how it would address the specific needs of different groups within the audience.
Rationale for the theme of –One.”

For the first time, Autodesk has combined its Sales Kickoff and Worldwide One Team Conference into a single event. The message this sends to our sales force and our reseller channel is that we are doing business in a new way. This is not the old Autodesk. Now, we're One Team, with one strategy, one goal, and a singularity of purpose.

The theme of One also speaks to the idea of many things coming together to create something big--a whole that's bigger than the sum of its parts. With One, we say that every sale matters, and every person who sells matters. The theme empowers individuals but also holds them accountable: everyone has to do his job for the company to be successful.

At the end of WOTC, we change the theme slightly to make it a call to action. ONE now becomes an acronym that stands for "Okay, Now Execute." The message is, "We're One Team, with one strategy and one goal, and we're relying on you to take everything youêve learned at WOTC and execute. You're the one who can make a difference.”

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